Manchester is calling! A sneak peeks into England’s famous football city. Let art, history, and sports become one. Discover how Queen Anne ordered the construction of a church in her name. Get a glimpse of the meetings that take place in the Town Hall. The locals’ accents echo their passion for their hometowns. You will discover the reason this city built the world’s first railway. And you will find out how it played a part in the Industrial revolution. Reflect on the city’s architecture through the glass facade at Beetham tower. With our local guide by your side. You’re sure to soak in the sights and sounds of Manchester. The revitalized heart of England.

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  • Professional local tour guide

Route & Duration

3 hours
  • 1

    Piccadilly Gardens

    Once an ornamental sunken garden, this space has been renovated into a fresh picturesque garden for citizens to take a break from their daily lives around a sea of buildings around them. Many shops, hotels, and restaurants surround the area and present a vibrant area of activity for visitors looking to do something.

  • 2

    Britannia Hotel

    A hotel that offers both convenience and variety, the Britannia Hotel is located close to multiple popular events, museums, shopping districts, and bars for visitors to easily travel from one location to another. The building itself is a grand architecture equipped with authentic designs such as a cast iron staircase & a massive chandelier, giving it a pleasing aesthetic for a hotel.

  • 3

    Canal street

    A popular location for people of the LGBT community for its once anti-gay prejudice slowly being turned into acceptance by the city's officials and becoming the world's leading gay-friendly cities. Welcoming all members of the community, the venues provide catering and entertainment every night for people to party and hang out with others of similar ideals.

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    Featuring an impressive arch as the gateway, Chinatown in Manchester is one of the largest kinds in the world. Many Asian shops and restaurants make up the bulk of this place with a couple of oriental decorations and murals to help bring a bit of China here in the UK.

  • 5

    St Peter’s square

    This civic quarter of Manchester connects to many landmarks and attractions here, such as the Art Gallery or the Albert Square, along with many special events and activities like golf clubs and Halloween festivals to spice up the life of visitors and locals there.

  • 6

    Central Library

    Listed as one of the finest learning institutions in the city, this neoclassical library contains a wide collection of unique books and works by some of Manchester's most famous writers.

  • 7

    Bridgewater Hall

    A concert venue that has been hosting over 250 performances a year, this building is the premier place for all kinds of music festivals in England and even comes paired up with an award-winning restaurant and cafe bar for those looking for a drink or bite to eat after a concert.

  • 8

    Manchester Central Convention Complex - Peterloo Massacre

    This tragic event in Manchester is remembered by the memorial located on the forecourt of the Manchester Central Convention Complex. Other historic massacres are recorded in the center circle, with the edges inscribed with the names of the people affected by this event and those that passed away because of it.

  • 9

    Free trade hall

    This building has had a lot of history and changes behind it, being the site where the Peterloo Massacre took place, being rebuilt several times, closed, abandoned, and eventually saved by a company to be preserved as a historical monument. At the present, it functions as a luxury bedroom hotel that offers visitors a chance to stay a night inside the same eventful building of the massacre.

  • 10

    Albert Square

    This public square features the Manchester Town Hall as its main attraction, dominating its presence by its size and presence. The square also contains a multitude of monuments and statues reflecting the people who've made this square built & enhancing the overall look of the area.

  • 11

    St. Mary's Catholic Church (Hidden Gem)

    Officially known as St. Mary's Catholic Church, the place has been serving the people of Manchester for over 200 years, giving them a spot of peace while observing the majestic victorian carvings and marble pillars that reside inside the building.

  • 12

    Rylands Library

    Rylands is the home of some of the richest collections of books, art, manuscripts, etc. in the world. Within its gothic design and high level of craftsmanship, the library contains the oldest known piece of the new testament, the St JohnFragment, and other treasures not found anywhere else.

  • 13

    Saint Ann's Church

    One of the preserved treasures of Manchester, this church's architecture has enamored many visitors from its seaside location to its stone and wood craftsmanship with stained glass windows to give it a unique feel out of any other church in Europe.

  • 14

    Royal Exchange theatre

    The Royal Exchange Theatre has been an award-winning house filled with critically acclaimed works celebrating originality, artistic risks, and powerful stories that are sure to grab anyone's attention.

  • 15

    Exchange Square

    The Exchange Square has been a popular tourist destination for the many seasonal events held here as well as the designer shops and stunning landmarks beside this place.

  • 16

    Manchester Cathedral

    Those who are a fan of Gothic architecture will find the Manchester Cathedral very interesting to see and experience. Open 7 days a week and with free admission, this striking building has remained the center of worship for hundreds since the 13th century.

  • 17

    Cathedral Gardens

    Located around the Manchester Cathedral, this new public open space offers visitors a wide grassy plot built around a granite paving road with a water feature close by the west side.

  • 18

    Chetham's Library

    Known for being the oldest free public English reference library in the world, it has a huge selection of printed books dating back to the 1800s for visitors to observe and learn about on the library's website. This library has seen used by many scholars in the past, such as Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, and you can even see the displays that showcase the types of literature they have checked out.

Meeting Point

By the main entrance of Manchester Central Library (St. Peter's Square, Manchester M2 5PD, UK) See Map

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