Discover one of the largest cities in the world. It has nearly 22 million people! Save your time and visit the most in a short time.

You will immerse yourself in the enchanting colors of Mexico City. With all the amazing smells and streets music, you will have a full Mexican experience. You will explore the second-largest main square on the planet!  What mystical events are still happening there? What exotic animals eat locals? Your charismatic guide will show you the different faces of the city. Where are the best tacos? Which places you should avoid? You will get recommendations on how to have a safe and delicious stay.


  • Borda house;
  • House of Tiles;
  • House of Iturbide;
  • The Convent of San Francisco;
  • Palace of fine arts;
  • Postal Palace;
  • Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral;
  • The main square (Zocalo);
  • Azul histórico house;
  • National Palace;
  • Aztec temple.
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2 hours 30 minutes

Meeting Point

By the main entrance of the Borda House (Simón Bolívar 26, Mexico city).