Guides / Liana Monti

I am official guide of the city of Munich. Telling stories has always been my passion. When my children were small, I told them fairy tales and mithological stories .

I tell my friends the stories that the corners of this city hide in apparent silence.
And to myself? … I tell the poetry of life …

WHY LIANA MONTI ?I’ve been living here for over 25 years and I know almost all the streets of this beautiful city.
• I am official guide of the City of Munich
• I come from Sassuolo (Modena)
• I taught Italian at the Technical College of Cambridge (GB)
• I was Director for foreign trade of several Tiles factories in Sassuolo and surroundings
• I think in Italian, but I speak fluent English and German.
• Munich is my adoptive city, but Italy is my home.