Get ready for a new adventure! Meet Sainte Marie, an island encircled with turquoise waters and splendid beaches. This tour brings out the magic pirate island known to harbor pirates in the 1800’s. It is marked with dense rainforest and reef. You will get a chance to see the pirate’s burial site. Why is the Ile Sainte Maire Island so famous? Which is the relation between the whales and the island? Which is the pirate’s main heritage on the island? Is it possible to try reefs excursions on Sainte Maire Island? You will witness the diversity of its orchid species, including the stunning Queen of Madagascar orchid endemic to little Ile Aux Nattes just off its southern tip. Remains of pirate ships lie offshore provide rewarding sites for scuba diving. It is so rustic, yet so beautiful. You will love their seafood. Take a part of the Island back home by buying their crafts and art pieces.

  • 2.5 hours tour and sightseeing of the whole island (reef, rainforest, whale, beach, cultural & heritage tour)
  • 1.5 hours swimming/relaxation along with your favorite beach and seafood lunch or dinner
  • Drop off to Ile Sainte Marie Airport
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4 hours

Meeting Point

Ile Sainte Marie Airport (Analanjirofo Region of Madagascar) See Map