Immerse yourselves in the allure of Coimbra with our “Coimbra Enchanted” tour, a romantic escapade designed to kindle love amidst the city’s timeless beauty. Start your journey at Largo da Portagem, where the city’s heart beats strongest, before stepping back in time at the historic Porta e Torre de Almedina. The serene ambiance of Santa Cruz Church and the majestic Sé Velha invite moments of wonder and connection. The University of Coimbra offers a glimpse into centuries of scholarly life, enriched further by the spiritual grace of the New Cathedral. Your journey culminates in the tranquil embrace of the Jardim Botânico, where nature whispers age-old tales of love. This romantic tour weaves together the essence of Coimbra, offering couples an unforgettable experience of discovery and affection.

Please note: The availability and accessibility of attractions may vary based on time of day and crowd conditions, ensuring each visit is a unique experience.

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  • Feel the romance within the walls of Santa Cruz Church.
  • Discover the ancient Sé Velha, a beacon of Coimbra’s past.
  • Conclude in the serene Jardim Botânico, a lush oasis of love.


  • Professional local tour guide


  • University of Coimbra Entrance Fee - €13.5

Route & Duration

2 hours
  • 1

    Largo da Portagem

    Coimbra's welcoming square, bustling with life and framed by scenic views, sets the stage for your romantic adventure.

  • 2

    Porta e Torre de Almedina

    (Outside Visit): This historic gateway to the old city, with its medieval architecture, transports you to a time of knights and legends.

  • 3

    Santa Cruz Church

    (Outside Visit): A place of profound beauty and historical significance, offering a peaceful retreat into spirituality and romance.

  • 4

    Sé Velha - Coimbra

    (Outside Visit): The Old Cathedral's solemn grandeur and timeless ambiance echo with the stories of ages past, inviting awe and contemplation.

  • 5

    New Cathedral

    Known for its impressive architecture, the New Cathedral stands as a symbol of Coimbra's enduring faith and beauty.

  • 6

    University of Coimbra

    Explore one of the world's oldest universities, where ancient knowledge and romantic vistas blend harmoniously.

  • 7

    Jardim Botânico da Universidade de Coimbra

    End your tour in this botanical garden, a paradise of greenery and tranquility, perfect for whispered sweet nothings and leisurely strolls.

Meeting Point

We will meet by Largo da Portagem.
3000-201 Coimbra, Portugal See Map

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel up to 24 hours in advance of the experience for a full refund.