Stand on the shoulders of giants – at Washington. The political capital of the world. Jump into the shoes and minds of the politicians that built America. Visit the Memorial of Thomas Jefferson – primary draftsman of the Declaration of Independence. Walkthrough the history of the United States one decade at a time. Discover the ins and outs of every memorial. What do the four open-air rooms represent at FDR’s Memorial? Visit the great man who helped abolish segregation in the 1960s. Relearn the history of the fallen soldiers in the Korean War. And embrace the feeling of unity at the WW2 Memorial. With our knowledgeable guide, you will breathe the American past. And take home the history and the memories of Washington.

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  • Explore the legacy of Thomas Jefferson's Memorial.
  • Experience the political heart at Washington D.C.
  • Explore Thomas Jefferson's and FDR's memorials.


  • Professional local tour guide

Route & Duration

2 hours
  • 1

    Jefferson Memorial

    The Thomas Jefferson Memorial is a unique monument, built in a way to resembles the Pantheon in Rome. In the middle of the monument, the bronze statue of Jefferson stands tall and strong, and on the walls, there are selections from Jefferson’s writings engraved.

  • 2

    George Mason Memorial

    George Mason Memorial was built not far away from Thomas Jefferson Memorial in order to commemorate one of the Founding Fathers. Visitors can sit down on a stone bench, right next to a larger-than-life bronze statue of George Mason.

  • 3

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

    The national memorial of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 32nd president of the United States, is located about halfway between the Lincoln Memorial and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC. It represents a statue of Roosevelt sitting in a wheelchair greeting visitors and reminding them of the man who refused to let a disability stop him.

  • 4

    Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

    The national memorial of Martin Luther King Jr. is located in West Potomac Park. The centerpiece of the memorial is an almost 27-meter statue of Dr. King, and surrounding the statue of Dr. King is a 446-meter long Inscription Wall, which features 14 quotes from King’s speeches, sermons, and writings.

  • 5

    Korean War Veterans Memorial

    The Korean War Memorial commemorates the sacrifices of the Americans who served in the U.S. armed services during the three years of the Korean War. It consists of the Mural Wall, United Nations Wall, Pool of Remembrance, Memorial Wall and the Column - 19 stainless steel statues representing the service members who fought in the war.

  • 6

    Lincoln Memorial

    Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., honors Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States. The building is modeled in the style of a Greek temple and has an imposing sculpture of Lincoln facing east toward a long reflecting pool.

  • 7

    Vietnam Veterans Memorial

    The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is devoted to service members of the U.S. armed forces who fought in the Vietnam War. It has several objects, but the most impressive one is a huge wall listing the names of the more than 58,000 servicemen and women who lost their lives during the war.

  • 8

    National World War II Memorial

    National World War II Memorial in Washington D.C. was built to honor both to the Americans who served in World War II and the ones who supported the war effort at home. The memorial is shaped as an elliptical plaza with 56 granite pillars and a pool with fountains and water jets.

Meeting Point

By the Memorials to Thomas Jefferson (16 E Basin Dr. SW, Washington, DC 20242, U.S.). See Map

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