Experience a romantic two-hour walking tour in Graz, where you’ll discover the enchanting Hauptplatz and its iconic landmarks. Admire the magnificent Ayuntamiento and the impressive Landeszeughaus (Styrian Armory). Listen to the delightful sounds of the Glockenspiel and witness the historic Mausoleum Kaiser Ferdinands II. Marvel at the grandeur of Graz Cathedral and take a leisurely stroll along the charming Sporgasse. Explore the serene Franciscan Church and be captivated by the unique architecture of the Murinsel. Finally, don’t miss the opportunity to see the renowned Uhrturm and enjoy a memorable time together.

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  • Stroll through Hauptplatz, the vibrant heart of Graz, perfect for couples.
  • Experience the melodic charm of the Glockenspiel in Graz together.
  • Visit Murinsel for a unique and romantic setting.


  • Professional local tour guide

Route & Duration

2 hours
  • 1


    Hauptplatz is the main square in Graz, Austria, known for its beautiful architecture and vibrant atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for couples to explore.

  • 2


    The Ayuntamiento is a symbol of civic pride and administration in Graz, and it stands as a testament to the city's rich history and cultural heritage.

  • 3

    Landeszeughaus (Styrian Armory)

    The Landeszeughaus, also known as the Styrian Armory provides a glimpse into the rich military history of the region.

  • 4


    The Glockenspiel in Graz is a captivating musical instrument and landmark located in the heart of the city. It consists of a set of tuned bells that play melodic tunes at specific times of the day, adding a delightful and melodic atmosphere to the surrounding area.

  • 5

    Mausoleum Kaiser Ferdinands II

    The Mausoleum of Kaiser Ferdinands II is a magnificent structure located in Graz, Austria. It serves as the final resting place for Kaiser Ferdinands II, a significant historical figure.

  • 6

    Graz Cathedral

    Graz Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of Saint Giles, is a magnificent religious landmark in Graz.

  • 7


    Sporgasse is a charming street in the heart of Graz, lined with historic buildings and a vibrant atmosphere. It is a popular destination for shopping, dining, and strolling, offering a mix of traditional and modern shops, cafes, and restaurants.

  • 8

    Franciscan Church

    The Franciscan Church in Graz is a magnificent example of Gothic architecture, known for its stunning exterior and intricate interior details. With its towering spires and beautiful stained glass windows, the church is a peaceful sanctuary in the bustling city.

  • 9


    Murinsel is a unique floating island in the Mur River in Graz. Designed by artist Vito Acconci, it is a modern architectural marvel that combines art, design, and functionality.

  • 10


    Uhrturm, also known as the Clock Tower, is an iconic landmark in Graz. The clock tower itself is a symbol of Graz and has a rich history dating back to the medieval ages. (Outside visit)

Meeting Point

At Hauptplatz, near Fountain Erzherzog-Johann-Brunnen
(Hauptpl. 1, 8010 Graz, Austria) See Map

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel up to 24 hours in advance of the experience for a full refund.