Step into the harmonious blend of past and present on the “Historic Fukuoka: Castles, Shrines & Canal City Walk.” As the hero of your own journey, you’ll uncover the mystique of ancient temples like Shofukuji and Tochoji, and the solemn beauty of Fukuoka Castle Ruins. Marvel at the modern marvels like the bustling Hakata Station and the vibrant CANAL CITY HAKATA. Each landmark tells a part of Fukuoka’s story, from its feudal roots to its contemporary zest. This walking tour invites you to weave through the city’s historical tapestry while embracing its modern-day charm. Join us for a walk that not only traces the footsteps of history but also paves the way for personal discovery in the heart of Fukuoka.

Please note: The availability and accessibility of attractions may vary based on time of day and crowd conditions, ensuring each visit is a unique experience.

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  • Explore Hakata Station's striking modern architecture.
  • Meditate at Shofukuji, Japan's first Zen temple.
  • Discover historic and modern attractions seamlessly.


  • Professional local tour guide


  • Public Transport(If Needed - 5$)

Route & Duration

4 hours
  • 1

    Hakata Station

    Marvel at the modern architectural marvel of Hakata Station, a bustling hub that beautifully blends functionality with urban aesthetic. (Outside Visit)

  • 2


    Visit Shofukuji, Japan's first Zen temple, offering a peaceful escape with its beautiful architecture and tranquil gardens.

  • 3

    Tochoji Temple

    Experience the spiritual ambiance of Tochoji Temple, home to Japan's largest wooden Buddha and a stunning five-story pagoda.

  • 4

    Kushida Shrine

    Explore Kushida Shrine, a cornerstone of local culture and the epicenter of Fukuoka’s vibrant festivals.

  • 5


    Shop, dine, and catch live entertainment at CANAL CITY HAKATA, a vast shopping and entertainment complex known as a city within the city.

  • 6

    Fukuoka Castle Ruins

    Wander through the historic Fukuoka Castle Ruins, where expansive grounds and remnants of walls whisper tales of feudal Japan.

  • 7

    Ohori Park

    Relax in Ohori Park, a scenic oasis with a large pond, perfect for leisurely walks and peaceful picnics.

  • 8

    Momochi Seaside Park

    Momochi Seaside Park is a picturesque spot in Fukuoka, offering panoramic views of the ocean and a modern, stylish setting. The park is a popular destination for both locals and tourists, blending natural beauty with the architectural innovation characteristic of Fukuoka's urban landscape.

  • 9

    Fukuoka City Museum

    Get a glimpse of Fukuoka’s rich history from the outside of the Fukuoka City Museum, noted for its contemporary architectural design.(Outside Visit)

Meeting Point

We will meet by Hataka Station.
Japan, 〒812-0012 Fukuoka, Hakata Ward, 博多駅中央街1−1 See Map

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel up to 24 hours in advance of the experience for a full refund.