Embark on “Morelia’s Heritage Path,” a comprehensive walking tour to explore the best of Morelia’s cultural and architectural gems. Begin your journey with the awe-inspiring Acueducto de Morelia, a testament to the city’s historical ingenuity. Indulge in the sweet, traditional treats at Nieve de San Diego, a perfect cultural palate cleanser. Wander along Calzada Fray Antonio, soaking in the historical ambiance leading to the majestic Tarascas Fountain. Delve into the heart of Michoacán’s craftsmanship at the Artisan Institute Michoacan. Stand in awe of the Morelia Cathedral, an architectural marvel, before exploring the vibrant life within Centro histórico de Morelia. Uncover the artistic soul of the city at Centro Cultural Clavijero and find peace at the Templo de Santa Rosa de Lima. Conclude your cultural exploration in the tranquil beauty of Jardín de las Rosas, a perfect end to your discovery of Morelia’s finest treasures.

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  • Be awe-inspired by the Morelia Cathedral's majestic beauty.
  • Immerse in the rich heritage of Centro histórico de Morelia.
  • Marvel at the architectural wonder of the Acueducto de Morelia.


  • Professional local tour guide

Route & Duration

2 hours
  • 1

    Acueducto de Morelia

    This impressive structure spans the city, offering a glimpse into Morelia's historical infrastructure and architectural brilliance.

  • 2

    Nieve de San Diego

    A local favorite, this spot is renowned for its traditional ice cream flavors, embodying the sweet taste of Michoacán.

  • 3

    Calzada Fray Antonio

    A historical pathway lined with trees and colonial buildings, perfect for a leisurely stroll through Morelia's past.

  • 4

    Tarascas Fountain

    An iconic symbol of Morelia, this fountain features statues of the legendary Tarascan princesses, set against the backdrop of the city's beautiful landscapes.

  • 5

    Artisan Institute Michoacano

    A showcase of local craftsmanship, offering a variety of traditional Michoacán arts and crafts.

  • 6

    Morelia Cathedral

    The heart of the city, this stunning cathedral is an architectural masterpiece, featuring intricate designs and a grand presence.

  • 7

    Centro histórico de Morelia

    The historic center of Morelia, filled with colonial architecture, cultural sites, and a vibrant atmosphere.

  • 8

    Centro Cultural Clavijero

    A cultural hub hosting a range of exhibitions and events, from art shows to cultural performances.

  • 9

    Templo de Santa Rosa de Lima

    A beautiful example of colonial religious architecture, offering a quiet space for reflection amidst the city bustle.

  • 10

    Jardín de las Rosas

    A picturesque garden surrounded by historic buildings and cafes, ideal for a relaxing end to your walking tour.

Meeting Point

We will meet by Acueducto de Morelia next to Scop.
Av Acueducto 1464, Chapultepec Nte., 58230 Morelia, Mich., Mexico See Map

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel up to 24 hours in advance of the experience for a full refund.