Embark on a journey through the enchanting “Romantic Nagasaki: Historical Charms and Seaside Views” tour. Begin in the historically rich Dejimamachi, where East meets West, offering a glimpse into Nagasaki’s unique past. Continue to the tranquil Nagasaki Seaside Park, a perfect spot for a romantic stroll along the water’s edge. Visit the majestic Ōura Cathedral to marvel at its Gothic architecture and learn about its historical significance as a symbol of international exchange. Conclude your tour at Glover Garden, where you can walk hand-in-hand through beautifully preserved Western-style houses and gardens, enjoying panoramic views of the bustling harbor below. This tour is designed for couples seeking a blend of romance, history, and scenic beauty in one of Japan’s most culturally rich cities.

Please note: The availability and accessibility of attractions may vary based on time of day and crowd conditions, ensuring each visit is a unique experience.
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  • Experience the historical and cultural mix at Dejimamachi.
  • Admire the Gothic splendor of Ōura Cathedral, Japan's oldest church.
  • Relax with a romantic stroll through Nagasaki Seaside Park's lush landscapes.


  • Professional local tour guide


  • Oura Cathedral Entrance Fee - JPY1000 (Approx 6.5USD) - Optional Entry
  • Deijamachi Entrance Fee - JPY510 (Approx 3.3USD)
  • Glover Garden Entrance Fee - JPY620 (Approx 4USD)

Route & Duration

3 hours
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    Stroll through Dejimamachi, an area steeped in history as the site of Dejima, the single place of direct trade and exchange between Japan and the outside world during the Edo period. Now a bustling modern district, it's perfect for experiencing the blend of cultural influences.

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    Nagasaki Seaside Park

    Relax and unwind at Nagasaki Seaside Park, a beautifully landscaped area along the waterfront that offers romantic sunset views and a peaceful atmosphere for leisurely walks.

  • 3

    Ōura Cathedral

    Visit Ōura Cathedral, a stunning example of Gothic Revival architecture and the oldest church in Japan, dedicated to the 26 Martyrs of Japan and a symbol of Nagasaki’s rich cosmopolitan history. (Outside Visit)

  • 4

    Glover Garden

    Explore Glover Garden, an open-air museum showcasing Western-style houses and gardens from the Meiji period. It offers a romantic setting with sweeping views of Nagasaki harbor and is a testament to the city's international heritage.

Meeting Point

We will meet by Dejimamachi next to 菱興パーキング出島.
1 Dejimamachi, Nagasaki, 850-0862, Japan See Map

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel up to 24 hours in advance of the experience for a full refund.