Embark on a romantic 75-minute private walking tour designed for couples, immersing yourselves in the enchanting blend of culture, history, and culinary delights that Cork has to offer. Your journey kicks off at the Cork City Tourist Information Centre, setting the stage for an exploration of the city’s treasures hand in hand. Stroll down the lively St. Patrick Street, brimming with charming shops and landmarks, and pause by the iconic Crawford Art Gallery. Find a moment of tranquility at the Huguenot Cemetery before continuing your journey along the bustling Grand Parade. Cross the Nano Nagle Bridge, delving into the architectural wonders of the South Mall, and conclude your intimate experience at the iconic English Market, a sensory feast for both of you. Throughout this curated tour, indulge in captivating stories that unveil the city’s development, history, and rich heritage, creating lasting memories for you and your partner.

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  • Explore the bustling St Patrick Street
  • Experience the vibrant ambiance of Grand Parade
  • Reflect at the historic Huguenot Cemetery


  • Professional local tour guide

Route & Duration

75 minutes
  • 1

    Cork City Tourist Information Centre

    The Cork City Tourist Information Centre serves as the gateway to the city's treasures, providing visitors with essential guidance and insights. Located in a bustling area, it offers a starting point for exploring Cork's rich history and vibrant culture.

  • 2

    St Patrick Street

    St Patrick Street, Cork's main shopping thoroughfare, is a lively hub adorned with shops, cafes, and historic landmarks. Its bustling energy and architectural charm make it a central artery for both locals and visitors.

  • 3

    Crawford Art Gallery

    The Crawford Art Gallery stands as a cultural gem, showcasing a diverse collection of Irish and European art. Housed in a magnificent building, it invites patrons to immerse themselves in the world of creativity and expression.

  • 4

    Rory Gallagher Place - Cork City

    Rory Gallagher Place in Cork City is a dedicated area or landmark named in honor of Rory Gallagher, a renowned Irish blues and rock guitarist. This location likely serves as a tribute or memorial to celebrate his contributions to music, providing a space for fans and visitors to reflect on his legacy.

  • 5

    Huguenot Cemetery

    The Huguenot Cemetery, a serene and historic burial ground, preserves the memory of Cork's Huguenot community. With its ancient gravestones and tranquil atmosphere, it offers a poignant glimpse into the city's past. (Visit from outside)

  • 6

    Grand Parade

    Grand Parade, a central boulevard in Cork, unfolds as a vibrant public space hosting events and cultural activities. Lined with historic buildings, it provides a picturesque setting for both leisure and exploration.

  • 7

    Nano Nagle Bridge

    The Nano Nagle Bridge, spanning the River Lee, is a modern architectural marvel named after the founder of the Presentation Sisters. Offering stunning views, it connects the bustling South Mall to the cultural richness of the city.

  • 8

    South Mall

    The South Mall stands as Cork's financial and commercial heart, characterized by elegant Georgian architecture and prestigious institutions. As a key business district, it represents the city's economic vitality.

  • 9

    The English Market

    The English Market, a renowned food market with a history dating back to 1788, is a sensory delight for visitors. Bursting with fresh produce and local delicacies, it embodies Cork's culinary heritage.

Meeting Point

In front of the Cork City Tourist Information Centre
(125 St Patrick's St, Centre, Cork, T12 AE81, Ireland) See Map

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel up to 24 hours in advance of the experience for a full refund.