Enter the enchanting world of St. Gilgen with our  St. Gilgen romantic paradise walking tour. A romantic walking tour designed to transform you into the hero of your own fairy tale. Here, love takes center stage as you journey through picturesque streets framed by the timeless beauty of this Alpine gem. Your romantic odyssey begins at the Mozart statue, where lovebirds unite to the harmonious melodies of St. Gilgen’s musical heritage. With its sacred charm, the Parish Church of Saint Egidius stands as a beacon of devotion on your path. Step inside the intimate Mozarthaus, where the love story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s mother unfolds. The Seepromenade offers a breathtaking backdrop for your love, while the Fountain in Lake Wolfgang glistens with the promise of eternity. Romance fills the air with passion, underscoring your love story. St. Gilgen romantic paradise walking tour is where your romance becomes the stuff of legends, and you, the hero of an unforgettable tale. Make your love story the centerpiece of this Alpine adventure.

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  • Romantic adventure in an Alpine paradise
  • Lakeside romance at Seepromenade
  • Passionate stroll through enchanting St. Gilgen.


  • Professional local tour guide

Route & Duration

2 hours
  • 1

    Mozart statue

    Begin your romantic journey at the Mozart statue, where the harmonious melodies of St. Gilgen's musical heritage serenade your hearts, igniting the passion of your love story.

  • 2

    Parish Church of Saint Egidius

    Find solace in the awe-inspiring Parish Church of Saint Egidius, a symbol of eternal love and devotion, surrounded by the rich history of St. Gilgen.

  • 3

    Mozarthaus St. Gilgen

    Step into the intimate Mozarthaus, where the ambiance whispers tales of Mozart's mother, letting you immerse in the affectionate history of the great composer.

  • 4


    troll hand in hand along the Seepromenade, where the picturesque lakeside setting offers the perfect backdrop for stolen glances and shared dreams.

  • 5

    Fountain in Lake Wolfgang

    Witness the enchanting Fountain in Lake Wolfgang, where your love story glistens and dances amidst the waters, like the love you share

Meeting Point

Meet guide at Mozart statue ( 5340, Austria) See Map

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel up to 24 hours in advance of the experience for a full refund.