Embark on a journey through Cambridge’s Historic Heartbeat, where every cobblestone and corner tells a story. This tour is not just a walk; it’s an adventure into the past, making “you” the hero of your own discovery tale. From the ancient whispers of St Bene’t’s Church to the architectural marvel of the Mathematical Bridge and the academic prowess of Trinity College, you’ll be stepping into a world where history, science, and beauty intersect. Walk the lanes where giants of science and literature once trod, and let the timeless charm of Cambridge inspire your imagination. Our expert guides will make history come alive, ensuring a memorable experience. Don’t just visit Cambridge—become a part of its story with us.

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  • Unlock the secrets of St Bene't's, Cambridge's oldest church
  • Witness the genius of the Mathematical Bridge's design
  • Stroll the historic lanes where science met history


  • Professional local tour guide

Route & Duration

2 hours
  • 1

    St Bene't's Church (Church of England)

    Explore the oldest church in Cambridge, dating back to the 11th century, offering a glimpse into medieval England's religious life.

  • 2

    Mathematical Bridge

    Marvel at the ingenious design of this wooden bridge, rumored to have been built without nails, showcasing the brilliance of 18th-century engineering.

  • 3

    Free School Lane

    Wander down this historic lane, the cradle of scientific discovery, where the modern structure of DNA was first proposed.

  • 4

    Silver Street

    Experience the charm of Cambridge from Silver Street, offering picturesque views of the River Cam and its punting tradition.

  • 5

    King's Parade

    Stroll along the vibrant King's Parade, lined with historic buildings, shops, and cafes, right in the heart of Cambridge.

  • 6

    Trinity Street

    Immerse yourself in the academic atmosphere of Cambridge as you walk past colleges with centuries-old history and architecture.

  • 7

    Saint Johns Street

    Discover the architectural marvels and serene ambiance of St John's College, one of Cambridge's most renowned institutions.

  • 8

    Trinity College

    See the largest and arguably most prestigious college of Cambridge University, known for its grand courtyard and distinguished alumni. (Outside Visit)

Meeting Point

We will meet outside St Bene't's Church (Church of England).

St Bene’t’s Church, Bene't Street, Cambridge, UK. See Map

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel up to 24 hours in advance of the experience for a full refund.