Embark on a gastronomic journey through the heart of London on our “Taste of the Orient: London’s Chinatown Exploration”. This tour isn’t just about tasting food; it’s about becoming a connoisseur of culture as you weave through the historic streets of Soho and Chinatown. With each step, you’ll uncover hidden gems and taste world-class cuisine that tells the story of London’s diverse community. From the bustling markets of Chinatown to the quaint cafes of Soho Square, your senses will be ignited with exotic flavors and aromatic spices. This is more than a food tour; it’s an opportunity to be the hero of your epicurean adventure. Join us and transform the way you experience London, one bite at a time. Your taste buds will thank you.

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  • Savour diverse flavors from around the world in one walk.
  • Experience the vibrant culture and history of Soho and Chinatown.
  • Enjoy exclusive tastings curated by local food experts.


  • Professional local tour guide


  • Cost of Food and Drink

Route & Duration

2 hours
  • 1

    6 Moor street

    This vibrant street in the heart of London is famed for its eclectic eateries and bustling atmosphere, making it a must-visit for food lovers.

  • 2

    Old Compton

    Known for its dynamic dining scene, Old Compton Street offers a taste of London's diverse culinary culture, from traditional pubs to contemporary cafes.

  • 3


    Bateman Street, with its charming blend of historic architecture and modern gastronomy, provides a unique backdrop for culinary explorations in Soho.

  • 4

    Soho Square

    This leafy square offers a tranquil escape amidst Soho's lively streets, surrounded by quaint cafes and bistros perfect for a foodie's retreat.

  • 5

    The Nellie Dean

    An iconic traditional pub on Dean Street, The Nellie Dean is a haven for those seeking authentic British ales and hearty pub fare in a cozy setting.

  • 6


    The heart of London's Chinese community, Chinatown entices with its vibrant lanterns, authentic eateries, and bustling markets, offering an immersive cultural and culinary experience.

  • 7

    Gerrard street

    Gerrard street, the pulsating artery of Chinatown, is lined with restaurants and bakeries offering some of the best Chinese delicacies in London.

Meeting Point

Meet outside the front door of 6 Moor Street, (London W1D 5NA, UK) See Map

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel up to 24 hours in advance of the experience for a full refund.