Embark on a captivating two-hour walking tour of Óbidos and immerse yourself in its rich history and cultural treasures. Begin at the impressive Aqueduto de Usseira, marveling at its architectural grandeur. Pass through the majestic Porta da Vila, the main entrance to the town, and explore the charming R. Direita, lined with traditional houses and shops. Admire the São Pedro Church and discover the whimsical Mão de Óbidos (Pomba de Óbidos), a hand holding a dove, symbolizing peace. Witness the Church of Mercy of Óbidos and be captivated by its stunning architecture and religious artwork. Continue your journey to the Church of Saint Mary, a remarkable blend of Gothic and Manueline styles. Explore the Porta do Vale ou Senhora da Graça, a picturesque gate offering scenic views of the countryside. Conclude your tour at the serene Sanctuary of the Lord of the Stone, a place of spiritual solace and devotion.

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  • Marvel at impressive feats of historical architecture.
  • Explore charming streets lined with traditional houses and shops.
  • Be captivated by stunning religious art and architecture.


  • Professional local tour guide

Route & Duration

2 hours
  • 1

    Aqueduto de Usseira

    The Aqueduto de Usseira is a remarkable aqueduct that spans the landscape of Óbidos. It is a testament to the architectural and engineering skills of the past, providing a glimpse into the historical water supply system of the region.

  • 2

    Porta da Vila

    The Porta da Vila is the main entrance to the charming town of Óbidos. This medieval gate is a symbol of the town's rich history and serves as a gateway to explore its narrow streets and historical treasures.

  • 3

    São Pedro Church

    São Pedro Church is a beautiful example of religious architecture in Óbidos. Its intricate design and ornate details showcase the craftsmanship of the time, while its spiritual significance makes it an important place of worship and reflection. (Outside visit)

  • 4

    Mão de Óbidos (Pomba de Óbidos)

    The Mão de Óbidos, also known as the Pomba de Óbidos, is a unique sculptural feature that adds a touch of whimsy to the town. It is a hand holding a dove, symbolizing peace and harmony, and it has become an iconic symbol of Óbidos.

  • 5

    Church of Mercy of Óbidos

    The Church of Mercy of Óbidos is a historic religious building that reflects the religious devotion of the town's inhabitants throughout the centuries. Its stunning architecture and religious artwork make it a significant cultural and historical landmark. (Outside visit)

  • 6

    R. Direita

    Rua Direita, or the Straight Street, is the main thoroughfare of Óbidos. Lined with charming houses, quaint shops, and traditional eateries, it offers a delightful stroll through the heart of the town, immersing visitors in its vibrant atmosphere.

  • 7

    Church of Saint Mary

    Church of Saint Mary is a prominent religious site in Óbidos. With its Gothic and Manueline architectural elements, it stands as a testament to the town's historical and cultural heritage, attracting visitors with its beauty and spiritual significance. (Outside visit)

  • 8

    Porta do Vale ou Senhora da Graça

    The Porta do Vale, also known as Senhora da Graça, is a picturesque gate that leads to the outskirts of Óbidos. It offers scenic views of the surrounding countryside and serves as a reminder of the town's defensive past.

  • 9

    Sanctuary of the Lord of the Stone

    The Sanctuary of the Lord of the Stone is a religious pilgrimage site near Óbidos. It is known for its tranquil setting and the spiritual significance it holds for the locals and visitors alike, providing a place of solace and devotion. (Outside visit)

Meeting Point

Aqueduto de Usseira, in front of Obidos Tourist Office
(N114 9, Óbidos, Portugal) See Map

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel up to 24 hours in advance of the experience for a full refund.