Mobile Ticket

This is a perfect game for a team-building.  You will have a chance to demonstrate Your intelligence, creativity skills, and fast reaction!

How does it work?

All participants will be divided into smaller groups from 3 to 6 persons. Each group has to have 1 device with mobile data. You will log in to our game website and will get the first hint. From this hint, You will understand which direction to go. It can be a park, monument, street and etc. When You will find the place, You have to find a task. Some of the tasks can be placed very obviously, but for others, You have to search properly. Tasks can be related to math, logic or art. You may have to decode the code, to measure, to taste or even to broke something! When You will solve the task, You will get a code. If the code is correct, You will go to the other level. Every 5-7 minutes You will get helpful hints, so You will not be stuck at any level too long. There are 8-12 levels in the game. It will take from 1,40 hrs to 2.5 hrs. Duration depends on your skills and luck. After the game, the results will be discussed and all teams will get certificates. The winner will be the fastest team!

Team: 4-6 persons.

The distance: 3-4 km.

You will burn~550 calories!

Meeting point

By the stairs of Vilnius Cathedral belfry (Katedros square 1, Vilnius) See Map