Embark on a romantic two-hour walking tour in Birmingham that combines architectural wonders, cultural attractions, and scenic spots. Begin your journey at Victoria Square, where you can admire the stunning Birmingham Town Hall and the bustling atmosphere of the city center. Take a leisurely stroll to New Street Station, a bustling transportation hub, and then witness the vibrant Bullring & Grand Central. Next, immerse yourselves in the serenity of St. Martin’s Church, a beautiful sanctuary amidst the city’s hustle and bustle. Continue your adventure to the Gas Street Basin, a picturesque canal basin where you can enjoy a peaceful walk hand-in-hand along the water’s edge. End your tour at the charming Brindleyplace, where you will indulge in a storytelling session, savoring the vibrant atmosphere and breathtaking views. This enchanting walking tour is the perfect way for couples to discover the beauty and charm of Birmingham together.

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  • Marvel at the grandeur of Victoria Square and Town Hall.
  • Find tranquility at the historic St. Martin’s Church.
  • Relish the charm of Brindleyplace's waterside ambience.


  • Professional local tour guide

Route & Duration

2 hours
  • 1

    Chamberlain Square

    Chamberlain Square is a vibrant public space in Birmingham, surrounded by impressive buildings and sculptures, and often used for cultural events.

  • 2

    Birmingham Town Hall

    Birmingham Town Hall, a magnificent Grade I listed building, stands proudly in the square, showcasing stunning Victorian architecture and hosting various performances and concerts.

  • 3

    Victoria Square

    Victoria Square is a bustling civic square in the heart of Birmingham, home to important landmarks such as the iconic Floozie in the Jacuzzi fountain, the Town Hall, and the Council House.

  • 4

    New Street Station

    New Street Station is a major railway station in Birmingham, connecting the city to various destinations. It's a bustling transportation hub and a gateway to the city center, offering a vibrant mix of shops, restaurants, and monuments.

  • 5

    Bullring & Grand Central

    Bullring & Grand Central is a popular shopping destination in Birmingham, known for its striking modern architecture and a wide range of retail options. (Outside visit)

  • 6

    St. Martin's Church

    St. Martin's Church is an iconic landmark in Birmingham, known for its impressive architecture and historical significance. It's a beautiful place to visit, admire the stunning stained glass windows, and experience a sense of tranquility amidst the bustling city. (Outside visit)

  • 7

    National Trust - Birmingham Back to Backs

    The National Trust - Birmingham Back to Backs is a fascinating museum that offers a glimpse into the lives of working-class families in the 19th and 20th centuries. Visitors can explore the preserved Back to Back houses and learn about the city's industrial heritage. (Outside visit)

  • 8

    Gas Street Basin

    Gas Street Basin is a picturesque canal basin located in Birmingham's historic canal network.

  • 9


    Brindleyplace is a vibrant mixed-use development in Birmingham, featuring modern office buildings, residential complexes, restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues.

Meeting Point

At the center of Chamberlain Square
(Chamberlain Sq, Birmingham B3 3AX, UK) See Map

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel up to 24 hours in advance of the experience for a full refund.