Embark on a journey through the heart of Namibia with our “Windhoek Discovery” day tour, starting with convenient pickup from your hotel. This journey is designed for travelers eager to immerse themselves in the unique blend of history, culture, and local craftsmanship that defines Windhoek. Your first stop, the Christuskirche, offers a glimpse into the city’s German colonial past through its stunning architecture. Next, the National Museum of Namibia’s Owela Display Centre presents an in-depth look at the country’s natural history and cultural diversity. The tour then takes you to Katutura, a township bustling with life, where you’ll experience the vibrant community spirit firsthand. Finally, Penduka Village awaits to enchant you with its traditional crafts and stories of empowerment. Culminating in a return to your hotel, this tour offers a comprehensive exploration of Windhoek’s treasures, making every moment an unforgettable experience.

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  • Explore the iconic Christuskirche, a symbol of Windhoek's history.
  • Dive into Namibia's rich heritage at the National Museum's Owela Display Centre.
  • Discover the vibrant life and culture in Katutura township.


  • Professional local tour guide
  • Transportation
  • Mineral water and Soft drinks

Route & Duration

4 hours
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    Start your journey by being picked up from your hotel.

  • 2


    Standing majestically on Robert Mugabe Avenue, this landmark Lutheran church is renowned for its neo-Gothic architecture, offering visitors a serene spiritual haven and a window into Windhoek's German colonial era.

  • 3

    National Museum of Namibia

    The National Museum of Namibia, majestically perched on Robert Mugabe Avenue, stands as a sentinel to the rich tapestry of Namibia's diverse ecosystems, vibrant wildlife, and multifaceted cultures. Though it may temporarily close its doors to the public, the significance of this institution transcends its physical accessibility, continuing to play a pivotal role in the preservation and celebration of Namibia's cultural and natural heritage. (Outside Visit)

  • 4

    Parliament garden

    Even as it stands permanently closed, the Parliament Garden in Namibia remains a poignant symbol outside its gates, reflecting the nation's commitment to democracy, environmental stewardship, and public space. Its enduring presence serves as a silent testament to the intertwined nature of governance, culture, and nature in Namibian society. (Outside Visit)

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    A vibrant township with a heart and soul of its own, Katutura invites visitors to experience its lively markets, traditional eateries, and the warm hospitality of its residents, offering a glimpse into the daily lives of Namibians.

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    Penduka Village

    Located by the Goreangab Reservoir, Penduka Village is a testament to the strength and creativity of Namibian women, featuring workshops where visitors can observe the production of traditional crafts and textiles.

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    You will be dropped back to your Hotel.

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We provide pick up and drop off in Windhoek. See Map

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