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Under the streets of Old Town, there is a hidden underground world. Due to wars and fires, the houses in Old Town were rebuilt and the level of the street floor has risen. Many buildings from that time are under our feet now. What is the history of these houses? What is so special about the basements? Where is buried Barbora Radvilaite? You will get to visit the Kings’ crypt where are buried the most powerful leaders of Lithuania. The Cathedral’s catacombs have installed video projections. You will get to see how this place used to look like. There is a three-dimensional hologram. The tour is led by a professional guide. The catacombs are heated.

4 objects will be visited. We will choose them according to the size of the group and the possibility to access the objects on a particular day. We are flexible, so we can adapt to unforeseen situations and change the list of the objects on the day of the tour.

  • The catacombs of the Cathedral;
  • St. Cross (Bonifrati) Church basement;
  • Amber galleries wineries;
  • J & M Slapeliai house-museum cellars;
  • St. John Street Gallery wineries;
  • Jewish Culture and Information Centre;
  • The catacombs of the Town Hall.

Calories: during this tour, you will burn ~382 kcal.!

Meeting point

By the stairs of Vilnius Cathedral belfry (Katedros square 1, Vilnius) See Map