Guides / Bogusław Kurek

Licensed Warsaw city guide. 10 years’ experience. Born and bred in Warsaw, I will show you the city I know so well!I look forward to sharing Warsaw’s rich history as well as what makes it such a great city today. If you feel like spotting the place where the Warsaw Dragon lived (Yes! The Warsaw one, not its Krakow impersonator and a pale reflection of my Lord), where the country’s last King was buried or where Marie Curie was born, just let me know!

My mission is to change the perception of Warsaw as a shabby, grey and gloomy place inhabited by unhappy inhabitants. I can prove this is wrong! If you let me show you around, you’ll find why the people of Warsaw are so proud of their city and why, despite the city’s virtual annihilation in the 1940s, the people of Warsaw chose to successfully rebuild the Polish capital.